Skills and Experience

I have a wide range of digital skills and experience ranging from the server level on Windows and Linux, through enterprise Content Management Systems and front end responsive design and development.  I also have recent experience in iOS and Android development and 2d mobile games platform Corona.

See below the list of the key technologies I have worked with.

AreaKey SkillExperience
Web DevelopmentASP/vbscript11 years
Javascript, HTML (4 and 5), CSS(2 and 3)11 years
XML and XSL9 years
LAMP Stack (Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL)5 years
JQuery/AJAX/JSON5 years
Content ManagementPerl programming15 years
Teamsite Templating/Forms Publishing/FormAPI (ver 6.7.2)10 years
Open source CMS (CMS Made Simple, Wordpress)6 years
EPiServer CMS consultation and solution architecture1.5 years
EPiServer .net development7 months
InfrastructureWindows 200x server9 years
IIS9 years
Mobile DevelopmentApple iOS development13 months
Android development7 months
Corona 2D game development2 months